The Predictions of more Suicides, overdoses and domestic abuse are coming true

The Predictions Of More Suicides, Overdoses And Domestic Abuse Are Coming True

The predictions of more and more suicides, overdoses and the increase in domestic abuse during the COVID pandemic are coming true.

The isolation, economic pressure and conflicts within the family are all major contributors.

Many months later and while the U.S. hast surpassed the grim milestone of 225,000 deaths we are at rock bottom and this is not the end.

How did we even get here when other countries managed to handle the pandemic in better way? What happened, what went wrong and how it’s still impacting us all? It was not a big hoax, it didn’t go away, not in the summer and winter won’t change a thing, only then in many cases it will be hard to determine if it’s “only” a cold, the flu or COVID-19.

More uncertainty, more panic, more anger, frustration, job losses, maybe more stay-at-home measures if a second big wave will hit the U.S.!

Many public health specialists are worried that the nation could see an even bigger uptick in suicides, drug overdoses and domestic violence. This pandemic has affected the mental health of many people.

If the problems in your life are stopping you from functioning well or feeling good, professional help can make a big difference.

If you or someone you know is feeling especially bad or suicidal, get help right away.

We have a series of podcasts with the topic “Anxiety”. Listening to them might help you to deal with stress or questions but again, in serious cases get help right away. Don’t even hesitate to call 911 if you don’t know who else to call.

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