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Do you know where you rank in the SERPs right now?

How about yesterday? Last week? Last month?

Why does it even matter? Doesn’t it matter more what you’re
ranking for right now, and what you will rank for tomorrow?

Actually, keeping track of your rankings on a very regular
basis is actually a lot more important than you probably

As you may know, search rankings are fairly volatile. While
search engines don’t update their algorithms in a major way
all that often, that isn’t the only thing that can affect

Your rankings could change due to gaining or losing links,
your competitors making changes that cause them to rise
above you or fall below you, or any other number of factors.

If you don’t realize your ranking has changed, how will you
know what likely caused it?

More importantly, if you don’t know your ranking has changed,
how will you respond in the case that you’ve dropped?

Keeping an eye on your rankings will help you immensely by
letting you make quick changes that can keep you from losing
a lot of traffic and money.

There are a lot of tools you can use to check your
rankings. Some of them are free, but don’t have that many
features and require a lot more work.

Others cost money, often considerable amounts of money
every month on an ongoing basis, adding up to thousands of
dollars over months or years.

Over the next few days, we’re going to talk about some of
the ways you can keep track of your rankings, including
how to do it manually to save money, and how to use some
of the most popular tools to keep track regularly on an
automated basis.

In the next post we’re going to talk about how to manually check
your rankings (and it’s not by checking Google and paging
through dozens of pages!) Don’t miss it!

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