An Easy Way To Check Your Rankings

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If you’ve ever tried to check your SERP rankings manually,
you probably know the pain of searching Google and then
having to click through dozens of pages before giving up
in frustration because you don’t find your site.

And if you have dozens of keywords or more to track, it
can take all day to go through the whole list. (Or maybe
all week!)

No wonder a lot of people don’t even bother to check their

There are several services out there where you can check your rankings, most of them come with a fee so this is not for everyone.

With the free plans you’ll still have to manually check each keyword, but you don’t have to search through page after page to figure out
what your current position is.

It will search the first 250 results, and if any page on
the domain you list ranks in those first 250 results, it will
tell you exactly which position it ranks in!

As an added bonus, it will tell you how many average monthly
searches that keyword gets, and an estimated cost-per-click.

You can also download the whole list as a CSV file once you
have completed searching for every keyword you want to look

If you name this CSV file with the date included, it
will be easy to track your results over time.

This will still be time consuming if you have a lot of
keywords to track, but it will be much easier than doing
it manually on Google.

With the paid plans it’s way more comfortable, if you already have progressed with your business and

In our next post we’re going to take a look at the best way to
ensure you’re getting ACCURATE results when you check
your rankings manually, so don’t miss it!

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