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Most people know it by now, video marketing is a powerful tool for anyone wishing to sell products or services. When you look at the statistics how many videos are watched on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo every day – those numbers are insane.

Then we have TikTok and many other popular platforms with millions of videos. Videos are attention grabbers, especially younger people often prefer videos over texts.

A simple explainer video or video ad doesn’t have to be expensive – if you need any recommendations, let us know in the comments. But with rapidly diminishing attention spans, you need to deliver your message fast and securely to succeed.

What you need to know!

Like high-speed trains, marketing videos need solid rails and reliable tracks if their passengers are to arrive safely at their destination, eager to spend and ready to buy. Without smooth tracks, the fast train will underperform. The same is true of video. Without a solid script, your prospective customer may never climb aboard, much less stay until they reach your ultimate destination.

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Make a plan!

Here are seven steps to creating a successful marketing video script:

1. What is your goal?

This step is crucial. Before you do anything else, you must know exactly what you want your video to achieve. What do you want your audience to do as a result of watching? Click a link to your website? Buy your product? Tell their friends about your video? One goal works best. Write it at the start of every page to keep you focused.

2. Who is your audience? 

You may talk differently to a middle-aged businessman than you would a first-time mum. Make your audience specific. Make it clear your video is for them. Don’t assume, ask, ‘Are you… ?’

3. What value can you offer? 

This is the big problem, issue, worry or concern that your product or service can solve or alleviate.

4. Write a hook that shows you understand their problem 

Your hook is the way you get your audience’s attention. The best hooks state their problem in a way that shows you understand it and empathise. Keep it short. One sentence or question works well.

5. Tell them your solution and why you have the expertise to deliver it 

Again, don’t spend too long talking about your solution. Once your audience believes you understand their problem and have a viable solution, they will already be asking why they should trust you to deliver it. So be sure to tell them why.

6. Tell them what to do next (Call To Action) 

The final part of your script is usually the easiest to write. Simply tell your audience what to do next. If you want them to buy your product, tell them to click the ‘Buy Button’. Want them to tell their friends how great your video is? Ask them to share it on social media.

7. Make sure the Call To Action matches your goal 

As a final check, make sure your video’s Call To Action matches the goal you decided on in step one before you began writing your script. That way you stand the best chance of achieving the results you intend.

Those tips should help you with your video marketing and – as mentioned in the beginning – if you need help let us know, short videos start at only $19.

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