How acupuncture can help you with your back pain

Acupuncture for Back Pain

Back pain is the number one reported reason for seeking acupuncture treatment. Luckily, acupuncture happens to be one of the
few holistic treatments proven to work.

Acupuncture is a holistic medical technique where tiny needles are inserted into the body to stimulate specific points, called energy channels. These energy channels are for various places and issues in the body.

According to Chinese medicine, the body has more than 2,000 energy channels. They are connected by pathways or meridians that create
a flow of energy called Qi.

Stimulating these points is believed to correct the imbalance in the meridians and improve energy flow. Practitioners of acupuncture believes this helps reduce pain.

The effects come from stimulating the central nervous system. The stimulation then releases chemicals to the muscles and brain that either alters pain experiences or the physical body.

Theories suggest acupuncture works in three main ways:

-Speeding delays in electromagnetic signals which produce endorphins and immune response.

-Triggering the body to release natural opioids. These opioids reduce pain and cause relaxation and drowsiness.

-Alters neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones. Neurotransmitters stimulate or dampen nerves. Neurohormones affect the function of an organ.

When acupuncture is administered by a trained practitioner, it is considered very safe. Infections and punctured organs are very rare.

Acupuncture also has way fewer adverse effects than many traditional methods of relieving back pain. Medication is not needing for the procedure, and pain is minimal if at all.

Over 22 acupuncture studies showed that treatments provided short-term relief. It is believed that the more treatments received, the longer the relief will last.

The guidelines from the American College of Physicians recommends all doctors consider acupuncture as an alternative therapy for back pain sufferers.

Acupuncture does not need to be the only form of pain management you choose. It can be, and should be coupled with other holistic approaches.

A healthy diet, water-based exercise, supplements, and heat treatments work really well with acupuncture treatments. More than not, treatment
for pain is usually multi-faceted, even holistically.

Acupuncture practitioners can help to guide you with other holistic approaches to pain management based on your personal medical

When deciding whether acupuncture is the right treatment for you, always consult a licensed acupuncture practitioner.

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